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C  O  N  T  E  M  P  O  R  A  R  Y      A  R  T








Cuba, a land of cigars, enlightened in time and space. An elect place for dreaming. Here, passions are not repressed, but life is enjoyed frankly. This spirit is the driving force beyond the creation of a series exclusive artworks (Jorg’s Cuban Series) by Jorg Schelfhout for the ‘La Casa Del Habano Knokke’.
Jorg feels an inexpressible impulsion that forces him to realize ideas in a concrete matter what stirs him inwardly. This is the source of the poetry that inspires most of his paintings. Each of his artworks are a compromise between sensory perception and extra - sensorial feelings. Together they build the indeterminate element in his work. Jorg is an artist who perceives the image almost unconsciously, working it out somewhere inwardly, and starts painting only when he feels the compulsion. At work he realizes what it should become like. In most of his works, Jorg reaches an extreme gravity, a borderline between dream and reality.
A work of art does not only open a wall of the present, it also makes a small fragment of the past transparent. Therefore it has such a great significance for human life in general and for man in particular. Consciously or unconsciously, we all feel that something menaces. Our time needs artists to express the threat, to indicate the crack in the crust.
Jorg is a poet and a thinker, soft and passionate, silent and ranting at the same time. He bears many magic forces in him. We hope that he may penetrate deeper and deeper into the wonderfully world of art and send us his messages in rich colours.